Why Contra

Contra FX offers immediate access to the tools of the trade:

  • Prices on stocks
  • Sectors
  • Indices
  • Currencies
  • Commodities and Interest rates

It doesn’t matter where and how you want to trade: we offer online and mobile trading services that keep you ready for the next trade. Our team of experts, dealers and customer service specialists are always there to provide support to each customer.

Contra FX provides spreads and margins for every platform to ensure accurate, competitive information, fair prices and flawless execution for CFD trading.

  • Streaming tradeable prices through our platforms allow you to act in real time on the very latest price movements.
  • Our prices track the underlying instruments effectively so you know that your trade will result in your expected profit (or loss)
  • No matter if the market is volatile, we will continue to ofer fair prices and to make our best to provide the market access you need to open an close positions whenever you want to.

These are the products we offer though our Contra FX Overseas platforms:


Trade CFDs on thousands and thousands of individual equities listed worldwide. Unlike traditional equity investing, you can choose to go long or short. The choice is yours.


Choose CFDs on overall stock indices all over the world for a broader view,. The some of the markets we trade are UK 100, Wall Street, US TECH 100, Japan 225 and the Germany 30.


Currency trading at Contra FX CFDs offers access to about 24 currency pairs.


CFDs also offer a straight-to-the-point and affordable way to trade the price movements of commodities that are popular (such as gold, silver and oil). Also, we offer CFDs on the principal commodities markets including coffee, sugar, pork bellies and wheat.