Start your White Label Introducing Broker Business, own your Financial Business today, become financially independent

  • How does the White Label Introducing Broker business work?
  • How do you make money?
  • Your own labeled Website, Online Application, Demo Sales Lead generator and monitoring, Demo Confirmation Text.
  • Reporting Access to your own labeled Demo and Real Trading Platform.

White Label Introducing Broker Business

  • If you or your firm have customers that may be interesting in the Financial products such as Forex, CFDs or other Investment Products, TVF has the tools to set you up with your own White Label IB Financial Business.
  • You will receive an IB agreement.
  • You sign an agreement and send it back to us.
  • You will receive an email from us that will include the following: your IB number, your IB certificate (will be mailed too), your own website in your own language hosted by BRE, your own demo system and your own online application that will tag your customers and identify them at BRE as yours.
  • You will get paid your rebates within 10 business days at the beginning of each calendar month.

How do you make money?

  • You and your firm will get rebates from Contra FX on each trade your customer makes. As an IB to Contra FX you will receive a monthly report stating how many trades your customer placed and what financial instruments they traded and how much you are you are getting paid. All numbers are taken from the IB agreement.
  • You set and offer your own commissions to your customers and customers of your IBs or in this case your Sub IBs. You can charge your customers additional commissions. Contra FX will apply additional commissions set by you to each of your customers.
  • Widen Spread and capture the spread difference. As an IB you can charge a wider spread to your customers. Contra FX will widen the spread as per IB agreement.

Your own Web Site, Online Application, Demo Sales Lead generating and monitoring, Demo Confirmation text, Your own Financial Business.

  • Contra FX will provide you with the turn key solution when it comes to your Introducing Business. The only thing you will need to do is to sell.
  • Contra FX will provide you with your own website in your own language. The website will be hosted for you by Contra FX. The website will have your own logo, your contact information, links and information regarding products that your firm now offers.
  • Contra FX will provide you with your own online application that will tag your customers and help them not to be lost among all other customers.
  • You or your firm will have your own Demo Registration page. The visitors that visit your website and sign for your online platform demo registration will be sent to your email box. You will also have access to see the back office of your demo system and work with your demo leads.
  • You or your sales people can effectively follow up with each demo lead.
  • You will design your own demo registration text that will be sent to your own customers.
  • Appearance wise it will be difficult for customers to tell who own the platform, the only place customers will see Contra FX is when it comes to the Deposits and Real Account Confirmation email.

Reporting Access to Contra FX Demo and Real Trading Platform

  • As a WL IB to Contra FX you will have a real time 24/7 access to the back office of your Demo and Real Platforms. You can see and monitor trading volume of your clients.
  • You can see and calculate your daily rebates, commissions and price widening in real time.
  • You see what Contra FX sees.
  • With the access to the reporting system you can monitor your SubIBs.
  • You can ask Contra FX to set up the reporting access for your SubIBs.
  • You will have access to customers reports and help them with the problem resolution.
  • Your clients will have a real time access through your website to their system logins and reports