Start your Introducing Broker Business

The Contra FX Introducing Broker program affords individuals and organizations alike the opportunity to receive compensation for introducing their clients and contacts to Forex investing through Contra FX.

Grow your business with us while better serving those you serve. Your Forex IB business can be structured in many different ways to best meet your goals and needs. For more information on how to get started as an Contra FX Introducing Broker.

Becoming an IB with Contra FX requires no upfront or out-of-pocket expenses, and can help you significantly expand your services by diversifying the Forex investment options you offer your clients.

Available Services for Contra FX IB

  • Back Office Support Contra FX Introducing Brokers are provided with extensive back office services and tools, including customer statements, pip and dollar commission reporting, volume and IB commission reporting, automated reporting of lead generation, and more.
  • World-class service and support backed by Contra FX cutting-edge technology
  • Access to reports with full transparency, providing the ability to see trading results in real time
  • Flexible compensation, billing and payment methods
  • Marketing support and promotional materials to help increase client acquisition and loyalty
  • The ability to white label Contra FX platform, education, websites, promotional material, and much more
  • Multiple Forex trading platforms
  • The trusted Contra FX brand name