With Contra FX, you can select more than 1000 traders & funds.

  • * ContraFX Traders, and from other brokers.
  • * You can buy or sell any Trader or Fund.
  • * You can apply leverage to his results.

BRE, EarthPortFX, Darwinex, HotForex, Alpari, Dorsia, LimaForex, Finotec, SwissQuote & more traders – PAMM funds avaliable for invest.

With a starting balance of 100.000 $, you can use all benefits of ContraFX Technology and invest in all brokers from only one account.

Managed Account

Also, if you are looking for a managed account using ContraFX or other broker, and your balance it´s more to 250.000 $, we can select a good trader for your account, making a tailor account at your requeriments.

Open a Live Forex Account

Requirements for Cloud Trader

  • * You need one account in ContraFX or any other broker, where ContraFX works as Introducing Broker.
  • * A min of 100.000$ deposit in your account. Or less with a client authorization.

Corporate Accounts

  • * Required: Completed corporate client application with all information requested—either electronic or downloaded and emailed or faxed to Contra FX
  • * Required: Copy of government issued ID for owners of company. Passport or License
  • * Required: Proof of Address. This can be a utility bill or bank statement.
  • * Required: Client must submit copy of Certificate of Incorporation or similar business documents and Articles of Incorporation or Partnership Agreement or Trust Agreement as applicable. List of directors, partners, principles.
  • * Optional: If your account is managed by a 3rd party, you will also need to provide a power of attorney and discretionary account terms.

Trust Accounts

  • * Copy of the entire trust agreement that clearly identifies the trustees and clearly states their authority to open an account for the trading of futures and options. If no such authorization exists in the trust document, a properly signed amendment to the trust stating that the trustees have the authority to invest in futures and options and that such investment does not violate any other provision of the trust. All documents must be in English or be accompanied by a certified translation.
  • * Properly signed Foreign Certification.
  • * Copies of passports or other government-issued IDs for the trustees.
  • * If requested, other documentation confirming the legal status and purpose of the trust.