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MT4 gives you a trader´s view in execution, market information, and account management. Below are the characteristics or our products:
  • All-in-one trading and charting software package
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  • 24 hour access
  • Instant trade execution
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  • MQL4 automated trading and expert advisors
  • Historical charting data with various timeframes (minutes-years)
  • Over 30 included technical indicators
  • Trailing stops
  • Email and text message alerts
  • Confidentiality of your trades
  • Unparalleled trade support

MT4 forex software is a server-based trading platform that takes online trading to all new levels and provides everyone with new profiting possibilities. Forex demo MT4 possesses a powerful and easy to learn programming languages MQL. Using this language, you can create custom trade strategies, indicators, automate strategies or trading systems and scripts. Expert advisors can analyze the situation on the market, make decisions, put pending orders, and open positions in on-line mode without trader’s participation.

Metaquotes Language Editor

MetaEditor is built into the MT4 forex trading platform and highlights different constructions of MQL programming language and is used for writing the program code. It helps users easily orient themselves in the system text. Use MQL editor language dictionary as a help system for MQL language. Built in users guide contains functions divided into categories, operations, reserved words, and other language constructions and allows finding the description of every element used. To access MQL editor download the MT4 platform above and chose MetaQuotes language editor from the tools on the main menu.

Forex MetaTrader software user guide has been built into the trading platform. Simply download MT4 and go to help screen.

MT4 Users Guide: Help / Help Topics or press the F1 to access.
MT4 Editor Guide: Tools / MetaQuotes language editor / Help / Help Topics