Offer your customers competitive and consistent pricing, instant execution and consistent market liquidity. Your customers will experience a level of anonymity not available to currency traders when directly dealing with a correspondent bank.

The Ultimate FX trading tool for asset managers

The client management platform allows you to trade and monitor multiple accounts of different types and sizes on a single platform. Clients have the ability to trade each account as part of a group or individually and monitor each account’s activity and equity.

Asset Managers are able to carry out any market, limit, stop, OCO, If-Done, and other types of orders with the same single-click execution methodology and execution speed as featured in individual customer platforms.

  • Carry out or modify any existing market, limit, and stop orders for up to a limitless amount of customers.
  • Adapt trading conditions and default transaction sizes to each individual account.
  • Switch at a single click between group trading and individual account trading and in-between different trading groups.
  • Save time by customizing along with your preferences and trading requirements.
  • Print out statements and equity runs for each client
  • Provide every individual account holder with view only access.

PAMM Software Overview

The PAMM (Percent and lot Allocation Money Manager) module was developed to allocated block trades places from a master account.

PAMM has two methods of allocation – percent and lot.

Percent allocation refers to the percent of equity that a sub-account holds relative to the whole portfolio. In percent allocation mode, a sub-account with an equity balance of $50,000 would receive 25% of all master account trades if the portfolio equity of all sub-accounts were $200,000. This mode is particularly helpful when the equity balances are similar among the sub-accounts.

In lot allocation mode, each sub-account can have a distinct lot allocation defined. For example, if two sub-accounts were set for 5 lots each, and three sub-accounts were set for 2 lot each, then the total number of lots that the master account should trade would be 16 (5+5+2+2+2). This mode is generally used when a client wishes to have unique risk exposure in every trade.

  • Single click trades on 5 to 100 accounts
  • Percent allocation, or pre-selected contract or lot sizes for each individual account
  • Ability for client log-ins for individual account viewing, plus daily, weekly, or monthly reports
  • Generate reports for one or multiple sub accounts over specific time periods
  • View-only open trades, or download information into a spreadsheet to view trade history (including all charges and commissions)
  • As manager, you can select show only certain information, if you don´t like allow copy-trading.
  • Client access to trades